Registration guidelines

In order to register for Congressis 2017 you must fill out the Registration Form available online either as a passive or as an active participant.

It is very important that you fill in the Registration form without using any diacritical marks. We are not responsible for printing errors that may appear if you do not respect this request.

All co-authors who want to participate and get the certificate at Congressis 2017  must complete the Registration Form for active participants.

After submitting the application form and creating your Congressis Account please login with your email and Congressis password in order to check if your personal information or abstract information are correct. You can do this by clicking „Go to your personal page” after you successfully login.

Please check that you have typed in your e-mail correctly as you will have to use the same e-mail address for the confirmation of your participation.

Upon successfully completing the registration process, each participant will receive an unique registration code and also an e-mail confirming the successful registration and creation of the Congressis Account along with the Congressis Password that you have submitted.

We strongly advise you to login after creating the Congressis Account to check that all information provided is correctly stored in our database.

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